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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • 16

The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • 16

Los Angeles, California
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ob Cingelcs Daily (Cimcs. THUUBDA OGTOBEH sTHE PUBLIC SERVICE 1, CHARTER CHANGES T0 BE VOTED ON. etor neaaquarters 4- the quality good from all these sources of supply. Tho City Council has oassed the demand or Charles W. Eberleln for 1500 for pawtnent of lands desired by the city in the Owens River Valley In tho carrying forward of the Los sijuoduct project The report of the gss Inspector for the month September shows the collection vf one Inspection fee to 60 cenis, The salary PARLORS NO.

i General Victor Machine Salesroom. No. a Drawing Boom. Ho. 3 General Salesroom' for lo-ineh Records, No.

4 Victor n-ineh Record Room. No. 5 Individual Salesroom and No. 6 IS OUS MODERN RED SEAL PARLOR For the ewdnaive use of onr Fe3 Seal patrona, where you are affordefl freedom from noise tad. ONLY ONE IN CITY.

SUMMARY OF THE DAY. compiled yesterday by the Oily ii.miiii how a lower death i i for the month of September than t'i'r man j' preceding months. The project for opt-nina; Seventeenth ft refit to public traffic was again revived, ypsterday, by tho filing of a petition for this The Water Commission with tlm City Ck-rk its request that ti i City Council approve nev Sihf(Jul9 for rates on vater meters. The Civil Service Commission has provided for examination of candidate', for many positions In the city's Ice, to held October 13. Citizens of Compton have awakened to the fact that they ore residtmts of a city of the sixth class, and have been for a number of years, thougl: unaware of it.

A decision of the SB-preme Court determines this point. Vva TMnursn Is called upon to oi ras Inspt-ctor Is IIuO per monin. Final ordinances have been passed by the City Council for the sewering of Avenue 37, Avenue 63, Avenue 65, the opening of Darwin avenue, between Mln nn.1 I In eil an A Vi A --10S-- on liasy rJw ivecorus Payments 35 Cents commissioners. The petition was turned down. Then JS.

E. Elliott, representing the petitioners, filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking that a writ of mandato issue against the Governor directing him to appoint the commission asked for. The Supreme Court granted the writ and incidentally hold that a municipality cannot be disincorporated by exclusion of territory when such exclusion leaves an insufficient number of citizens to form a city government. Both of the old-time elections held' for slicing purposes are held to be void, and consequently the city of Compton stands as a municipality of the sixth class, and has about 600 acres of ground to play with. The l'oint where the electrlo car stops is about the center of the municipality, and from now on the resurrected city will move fast to be worthy of its age as an Incorporated one.

A DOUBLE STORY. WILLIAM M'ATJLLEY GOES HOME. In the early morning hours yesterday Williams McAulley was arrested on the complaint of hla wife that he had snapped his pistol at her, and that her life was in danger. The man was taken to the County Jail, but as his wife failed to lodge any formal complaint against her ryouse he was allowed to go free later the daThe MeAulleys live at the corner of Barrel and Dayton streets, Just wost of the Temple-street line, and the husband for a while was doing clerical service with the Fifth Street Department Store. He claimed that the shooting story was a figment of.

his wifo's imagination, and that at cer confirming the assessment district formed for this Improvement. Property owners have petitioned for the privilege of Improving by private contract Twelfth street, between Harvard boulevard and Cahuenga Btreet. A petition his been filed for the im-provement of Iioylston street between Conn street and Col ton street, and there has also been presented an agreement of E. S. Todd to fill In the block adjoining this street on the west sklo, or, In cose of failure to do so, to pump out any accumulations of storm wit Iap fa a n'n i.

Co ABTLETT iiUSIC OPP. 231-233-2351 SOUTH BROADWAY, CITY HALL consideration of benefits derived by answer In damages for having taken summary measures with a rival real estate trader, who, she claims, was trying to get the better of her by unfair methods. Harry Magew, Charles Welnert and Kdward Epptly. youths accused of burglary, were arraigned In the Police Court yesterday. Magce and Welnert were bound over to the Superior Court, fend Epperly's case wm mm tnrougn tine city's omission of a pipe culvert A petition has been presented from nrooert owners on Waiii asking that that street, between Helen and f'arillo Hi root a hn der the bond provisions of the Vroo- II1UII B.CC, New Rtrnflt nr-rn.

i.m 3 Prepared Not Manutactured by the Cltv fYinnnll vhltt, -j the final ordinances therefor, Includes western avenue, portions of Grlftin avenue, Santa Monica avenue, Abbott AT THIS CITY haia; SEVENTEENTH STREET AGAIN. chises so that all would expire In 19W was placed in one; and the street railway freight-carrying provisions were placed In another. The Mayor promptly sent these ordinances back with a short veto mes-safe, and they were then passed over his veto, tne Ctty Attorney ruling that six votes were sufficient. The ordinances providing for an increase power for the Board of Public Works, inorder to handle the Owens River project, was passed. The ordinance providing or the creation of new wards was not taken ujj until 12:15 o'clock this morning, and was discussed for a long period before it waa passed.

It received the Mayor signature and will appear in the official paper this morning. The amendment dealing with the creation of new city wards adds to the description of the present nine wards the following: "And the Council herein provided shall havo power by ordinance to establish and change the boundaries of said wards whenever it may deem tho same to be necessary; but until changed by the Council the said wards shall remain as above described and established; and any of said wards may be divided and new wards created therefrom in the following manner, and the number of wards shall not be greater than fifteen. "Whenever the population of any of the said wards is so increased as to render, in the opinion of said Council, a division of such wards into two or more wards necessary, such division may be done by ordinance, passed by two-thirds vote of the whole Council; provided, however, that no such ordinance shall go into effect before thirty days from the time of its final passage and its approval by the Mayor; and such ordinance shall be subject to the provisions of Section 198b of this charter. "That whenever a new ward is created a Councilman for sucfh additional word thus created shall be elected at a special election to be ordered by the Council within three months from the time said ward Is created, unless a general city election rhall occur within three months from said time. "All wards which may be hereafter created shall be composed of adjacent and compact territory, and whenever a ward is divided Into two or more wards, as hereinbefore provided, such wards shall contain as nearly an equal number of inhabitants as may be practicable, i "Whenever any new ward is created all the wards of the city, including such new ward, shall be numbered by the City Council consecutively from one to the highest number, thus created, and in the numbering thereof said City Council shall have power to change the number of any existing ward, if it shall deem the same tobe expedient.

"If the number of members of the City Council is increased by tho creation of new wards at any time as herein provided, two-thirds of the whole number of members- as thus Increased, whatever the same may be. shall constitute a quorum foy the transaction of A GAME of ojieckmate was that played by Mayor MoAleer with the City Council yesterday in regard to the proposed amendments to the city's charter. As a result the whole project had a narrow escape from death. McAleer was opposed to the proposition to extend the Jlfa of strect-ruil-vvay franchises, and early yesterday morning declared that he would never sign the ordinance which combined this proposed amendment with the others. The Mayor was willing to place his signature on the sections providing for Increasing the powers of the Board of Public Works, so that it might more satisfactorily handle the business for the Owens River project; and during tho forenoon he held a consultation with City Attorney Matthews ana Councilmen Blanehard and Kern, and an agreement was reached whereby the Council was to split the ordinance, placing the Owens River prov'sions in one and the franchise provisions in the other.

The Mayor intimated that he would then sign the first, but that he would veto the one providing for the longer life of franchises. It was the understanding among the Councilmen that the last-named ordinance would be passed over the Mayor's veto, and both ordinances would be rushed to press so that they could appear this morning. A special session was called for 8 o'clock. But, In the make-up of the amendment propositions the one in which Councilman Ford of the First Ward was particularly interested that providing for the creation of new city wards was left out. Ford insisted that this must be included In the list If the ordinances were to have his support This caused a scurrying about, and finally City Attorney Mathews prepared the new provisions.

Then another difficulty arose. It requires seven votes in some cases to pass an ordinance over the veto of the Mayor, and after the vote of the day before. Councilman Smith had started away on his vacation, thinking the troubles over the proposed charter amendments were all settled. Councilman Howton was avowedly opposed to the passage of the franchise-extension ordinance, and Councilman Summerland had been away for several weeks on leave of absence. The time slipped by until a second call was issued for a special session at 10 o'clock.

Meanwhile telephone, messenger boys and police were set to work to try and find Summerland, In order to get seven votes. Finally a third call was Issued, for 11:30 o'clock, and st 11 came the word that the much-wanted Councilman had been located and was bound for the City Hall. It was a false alarm, and Summerland did not appear. At 11:45 o'clock a fourth call for a special session was drawn up, and the Council got down to business. The Mayor was requested to return unsigned the ordinance passed the day before, and the Council then reconsidered its action, and placed the amendments In four ordinances.

The proposition to lengthen the life of fran i-m, ssinin street, between Olive and litriiftrna atronti' Wnhi. 1 1 .1 1101111Q uumovtira and Wilflhire Terrace. tain critical times sne uocuhicd and sometimes ln- i.lnluH(A fit other Want Convention Held Hers. Flnlrllno- Eili.nn 1- times a loving and faithful wife. On PROJECT TO OPEN IT THROUGH IS NOW REVIVED.

Executive Committee of the American account or his wire's vaname lenipci-ment he has refused to keep a pistol In V.a ttmiao nnrl hnri not had the Ghirardelli's Ground Chocolate is prepared, hot manufactured. There's a difference. It is made by Nature and prepared by Ghirardelli. The Ghirardelli process simply renders available all the natural goodness of the cocoa bean. That's why it is so pure, delicious, satisfying and health giving, and that's why everybody likes it so well.

slightest trouble at the time she claimed he was threatening her life. w. wnicn noias ns annual convention In Milwaukee, October 24-25, has requested the City Council to extend this body an Invitation to hold its annual session next year In Los Angeles. Ex-Iayor Snyder interested nimacn 1 l. MnoA irontorHnn mnrntntf.

and as Council Petitioned to Make Thoroughfare from Figueroa to Vermont Avenue Civil Service Com-mission to Hold Exsminstions of Applicants for Many Pisces. the husband was turned loose nothing developed to actually snow wnuse vei-slon of the early morning transaction was correct New Meter Rates. The Board Of Wnta Pnmmlnlnn. ers has filed with the. rMtv ciorir tn presentation to the City Council, a Ask your grocer for It Be sure that you get It WIFE WAS DELIBERATE SHE PRACTICED POLYANDRY.

A Fwnn.hman named Caslmlr Disdler requesi mai me council approve Its proposed new schedule for rates for water througih meters. This change provides the following unhnHuia- oausn fell deeply in love with the woman he afterwards made his wife, and she responded in such orthodox manner cents per 100 cubic feet, provided that 11 mo amount ot any mil shall not be an exact multiple of 5 cents such bill snail be rodncpcY nr that he felt sure that ha was matea ior life, and was going to bo happy ever offrti. nn Anrll 1) 1at thn marrlaeft the next nearest multiple of 5 cents, and that the monthly minimum rate took place and for a short time the Ghirardelli's Ground Chocolate tnrougn meters shall be: Por R-S-lnnV, oni a.inn. husband lived in a roors paraaise. There were some goings and comings rxf hla hrnnd npw ivtfn that he itlrln't meters.

73 cents per month; for 1- quite understand, but he. ultimately ncn meters, ji per month; for 1U- Inch- meters, $1.60 per month; for 2- Ineh meters. $3 per month; for 3- inch meters. Another attempt Is to be made to pen up Seventeenth street from Flgr-ueroa street to Vermont avenue to public traffic. A petition has been (lied witflj the City Clerk, asking the City Council to open a new street, fifty feet In width, and starting at point on Vermont avenue between the Vermont-avenue tract and Reed's addition and running along tho south side of the Millard avenue tract and the Sherman tract to Hoover ptreet, thereby opening Millard and Pacific avenues on the south and Pacific (formerly Varges) avenue and New England street on tho north; also opening and extending' Seventeenth street between Burlington avenue and Bonnie Brae street.

FOR MANY POSITIONS. CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. The Civil Service Commission will hold competitive examinations on Saturday, October 13, for icandidates for a large array of positions, ranging through many departments of the municipal service. Examinations for candidates' for positions In the Are department will bo Jteld at Turner's Gymnasium, and all other examinations are to take place 4-Inch meters, $4 per month. Vital Statistics.

The city health department reports the total number of ilontho soivea tne mystery. Disdler discovered that hla wife had since last January been living with onecJames Ferguson as his wife at No. 716 Lamar street and later at No. 117 South Avenue 20, and that his own marriage to the woman had been merely an added bow to her string even though made along legal lines by a marriage license, Yesterday Disdlor said that he thought If It was all the same to the court he would like to have a divorce from the wife whose affections had been preempted. Judge Trask was sympathetic, 1 the law month of September as 250.

Of these. 154 were nnrl on n.M. business oy me saia juy vouueu. and 236 were whites, 10 were negroes Mongolians. The total number of births reported during the left ear of his opponent and chewed It.

Whitfield will be sentenced on Friday. irvfiiwi ncio 000; i maies and 157 females. Of thMA were The death rate for Sentemher was flftnon ik. THE LSFEBIOR COURTS. ot population, which is considerably v( iTt-LU.

OY BURGLARS at the Grand-avenue school, beginning BEFORE COURT. claimed that his office furniture had been hatted about, and that on several counts he had been damaged to the extent of $2500. When concluded the court will take the case under submission. COURTHOUSE NOTES. BREVITIES MISCELLANEOUS.

THE MINOR CHARGE. Chris Wright, who was arrested on a charge to murder, pleaded guilty yesterday before Judge Smith to an assault with a deadly weapon, and was sent to the County ajll for six months. Wright Is a deep sea cook but was discharged by Capt. Fry, with whom lie had sailed. Wright was Just -closing with another ship captain when Fry came along and spoke in such a derogatory AT THIS COmtTHOXraB, CURIOUS CASE IS COMPTON'S.

acquiscent, ana tne aecree was ordered. ROMANCE AND WHISKY, UNFROCKED PRIEST INDULGES. With a graceful if somewhat scornful toss of her head, Mrs. Amelia B. Doyle yesterday stated hesitatingly that her husband had been a priest in the Roman Catholic church.

tin. Doyle is of foreign extraction, and of a striking rather than a beautiful type. She stated that she was manager of the dressmaking department in a large department store at Boise City, when she married, In April YOUNG CRIMINALS ARRAIGNED ON SERIOUS CHARGE. for Infants and Children The Kind You toe Always Bought BEARS THE SIGNATURE OP BLOSSOMS AS A MUNICIPALITY WITH TERRITORY. Young Weinert, Who Gives His Name as Smith, Appears to Enjoy Proceedings and Only Grins When Bound Over to Higher Court Ep-perly Case Continued.

of last year. Though not stated In so many words Incorporated During Boom Times nd Then Cut Down to Infinitesimal Limits With Only Five Voters and the City Died Supreme Court Now Resurrects It. way of his late cook that wrignt tost the place. Then- words were exchanged and a row followed during which the sailor man hit the captain over the head with a piece of iron pipe. THREATENS SUICIDE, Addle Dunn was committed to the State Hospital at Patton by Judge Gibbs yester In Use For Over 30 Years.

THE aurraun commnt, tt Murray tsect, new to nil mrv. day. Three times the woman has been under restraint in asylums and recently she again became a menisl wreck. At times she becomes so vio- lent that she has to be constantly watched as she threatens to commit suicide. THE HOWARD DIVORCE.

Sylvia Incorporation Is in the air and every little town wants lo assume the dignity of municipal honors. But It Is not often that a Is only Incorporated and entitled such dignities as belong to a city of the sixth class without knowing It, and yet that Is Just the position that Compton has been in. As far back as May 4. 18S8, Compton Incorporated as a city of the sixth class, but two years was long enough to work disenchantment. The "boom" ceased to boom and such residents as there were In and about Compton were Howard was divorced from Sanborn Howard, or.

the ground of desertion. The Darties wure married in this city In August, ISfX), and on July 1 of last the inference was conveyed that for love of her, Father Doyle faced the censure of his church, and sought in her arms a compensation. But within two months he was disillusioned and so was she. Plain George D. Doyle discovered that his education for the priesthood had not equipped him with such mental capital as would carry him ahead in the business world.

He took to drink. Then his secret knowledge of naughty words found outward expression, and he cursed like a trooper. Then this ex-prlest took to beating his wife, and so violently that he laid her up In bed. On one occasion he lifted her up and threw her out of the window. Not being able to earn any money the wife had to be the bread winner, and In order to have a broader field the Doyles came to this city.

They lived at No. 834 South Hope street until Doyle had the idea that he would go to Searchlight and take up mining. But he could not make mining a success as he kept on drinking to excess. One night he hit his wife on the spine with one of his miner's boots and she was then confined to her bed and had to be tended by the neighbors. After that experience she returned to Los Angeles and began the suit for divorce, which was granted by Judge James.

THREW HIM OUT. MRS. NOURSE WON THE VICTORY Floyd Lewis, a young man who has dabbled in real estate, wants Mrs. Eva M. Nourse, who also Is a dabbler in real estate, to pay over $2500 as damages.

Because he wouldn't get off the tract of land for which she was year the liusbai.a went away. GOT APPENDICITIS. Mary J. Hyans is suing the Los Angeles Railway Company to recover $5571 as for injuries sustained in an acci The only form of food made from wheat that is all nutriment is the soda cracker, and 'yet the only soda cracker of which thi3 is really true is just as eager to disincorporate as they dent Hrs. Hyans was on a car going I naa een before to Incorporate.

But they found themselves with a white elephant on their hands, for there was no way by which they might shed, their undeslred honors. Seeking for advice they were advised that though no laws existed allowing them -to thev micht in. Harry Magee, Charles Smith and Edward Epperly appeared before Justice Austin yesterday afternoon to answer to a 'charge of burglary. The preliminary examination of the three boy burglars, none of whom Is of age, attracted a crowd) and was the chief feature of interest in the police courts yesterday. Smith and Magee are Jointly charged with burglary, and were bound over to the Superior Court Bail Is fixed at $2000 each.

Epperly's case was continued until Friday of next week. During the proceedings yesterday, Smith, whose correct name is said to be Charles Weinert, seemed to take the whole matter as a joke. He laughed and chatter with his companions, and appearbd to regard himself as a hero. He grinned saucily at the Justice, and stared around the courtroom, evidently enjoying the notoriety he has jumped into. When asked if he had any testimony to offer in his own behalf, he muttered something inaudible to any one except the court, and merely grunted when his case was referred to the higher court.

Smith, or Weinert, is known to-the police, and they say. he is one of the worst youthful criminals In the city. He appears to be the leader of the three lads, and yesterday engaged In repeated whispered conversations with the other two, and it was necessary to remove him to another part of tho courtroom during the trial. Relatives of young Epperly were In court In an endeavor to secure his release on ball. An endeavor to reduce the amount to $1500 failed.

Epperly Is said to have been drawr. Into the difficulty by the other lads. He is aged 15 years. Jump His Bail. C.

C. Rogers, whose trial on a battery charge was set in Justice Chambers' court Tuesday afternoon, failed to appear, and hl3 bail, fixed at i0, was forfeited. A bench warrant was issued for the runaway, who Is supposed to have left town. iiscuif gaily commit municipal harlkarl by cutting themselves to pieces the municipality not Individually and hold an election for the exclusion of territory not desired by the municipality. On at 0 o'clock In the morning.

The list Issued by the Civil Service Commission for which examinations will be made Includes a rare-taker for thi playgrounds department; one stenographer and one file clerk for the water department; a school nurse, a nergeant-at-arms and a clerk of the City Council; hose men for the fire department; a telephone operator for the same department; a (blacksmith and a painter and decorator for this department; chainmen, instrument men, draughtsmen, surveyor, assistant engineer, night foreman for the outfall sewer, assistant superintendent for the outfall sewer, an Inspector and a messenger, all for the city's engineer department; a tool sharpener, a fuel Inspector, a building Inspector, an book-keeper, a superintendent's clerk, a carpenter, all for the school department; general attendants at the Public Library and a page for this Institution; an assistant assessment clerk for the opening and widening of streets; a machinist for the street department; an engineer for a pneumatic sweeper; a fire inspector; a building inspector; a clerk for the electrical department. At the same time there will be held examinations for candidates for the positions of principals and assistant principals in the Public Library and for general, attendants for the Library. Those Intending to take any of these examinations are required to appear before the Civil Service Commissioners not less than eight days before the date fixed for the examination, and file their applications. Street Sprinklers Busy. Street Superintendent Hanley has all his street sprinkling force at work again with the exception of ten wagons.

These are held up because of the shortage of laborers for this department Hanley stated yesterday that he believed the sprinkling service could be continued without further reductions this fall, because of shortage of water, Protests on Sixth Street, The Board of public Works has set October 8. at o'clock p.m., as the time for hearing protests on the proposed widening of Sixth street from IOS Angeles street to San Pedro street. The protest of the Church of the Naza-rene Is the one specifically mentioned in the notice, but other protests will be heard at that time. Vt presented. Many Children Vaccinated.

Yesterday the City Health Office uiuke all records for tho vaccination of children. Eleven hundred were treated, and the crowds of youngsters and their mothers filled the health office, the City Hall Park paths, and extended out to the street. Dps. L. M.

Powers and H. Garcelon and City Bacteriologist Leonard had ten assistants In this enormous work, and the lines passed In review before the assistants who prepared the little arms for the reception of the virus, and then passed them on to the physicians who ar-piied the vaccine points. Iast Saturday there were 700 children vaccinated, and thin was supposed lo break all former records, but the rets nil of yesterday make Los Angeles the best vaccinated city In the Wilted States. A largre percentage of these children give t.ieir former residence as tan Francises. City Hall Notes.

The Beard of Public Works has ex- the time for the completion of the Unr4 secr.on of the city's storm dmin until November 15. The tutr Commissioners have an of the city's r-rvorn. find that, despite the i- fhrr tit tiie jj.isl few days, i ere SiUixfar to; y. PS September 22, 1890, an election was held The only TIl9 only The only Ths only soda cracker scientifically baked, soda cracker effectually protected, soda cracker ever fresh, crisp and clean, soda cracker good at all times. from Eivergreen avenue to spring ana First 8trets, but at Anderson and East First street the car collided1 with a Salt Lake Depot car switching from one track to the other, and the car in which the plaintiff was seated was upset.

Mrs. Hyans avers that she waa badly bruised and shaken up, her Injuries resulting in acute appendicitis and paralysis of the bowels. PROMISED TO PAY. The Horseshoe Pier Amusement Company at Ocean Park Is suing Sarah Klrvln for H450, being the amount of the contribution she Is alleged to have promised toward the fund to build a pier near the foot of Marine street, and the amusement devices in connection with it The local bank received these promises of contributions and when J40.000 had been promised the plaintiff corporation was formed and the pier was built But the defendant never has paid up on her subscription and refuses to pay, hence the present action to recover. PICO DIVORCE.

Anna C. Pico was granted a divorce from Wesley Pico, on the ground of failure to provide. The parties were married in this city in November, 1903. and it was carried almost unanimously that half of the municipal territory be dropped off, and It was so ordered. With this dropping of half the territory went nearly three-fourths of the population.

Afterward, on January 6, 1891, a second election was held to shed oft another big chunk of the In agent quick enough, Mrs. Nourse 1 hired men and threw his real estate corporated city, and when this was shack onto the street" And Mr. Lewis was very much grieved as he claimed his fair opponent In the real estate business had hurt ome of his office furniture as well as his feelings. done only eighty acres remained of the pretentious city of Compton that originally had about 600 acres within its boundaries. The suit to determine the damage claim went to trial before Judge Wilbur yesterday.

It appeared that Mrs, But In this eighty-acre city there were only five voters, not enough to furnish city officials and the emascu Nourse was acting as the agent for the Arlfntrton Heights tract last year. QJJ moisture proof pactcazs. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY lated municipality just laid down and and on September 28 Lewis appeared on the scene for the purpose of dickering with her on a Joint partnership proposition. The woman real estate trader had a shack office on the tract with telephones and all the accessories of an ordinary real estate office, and TEN DAYS HONEY. Mary Burn-ham was divorced yesterday, from George Burnham, on the ground of failure to provide.

The parties married at Pueblo, on June 13, 1900, and on June 28 of the same year there was a separation. after some conversation It appeared as If a basis of agreement had been arrived at. Mrs. Nourse drafted a contract 1 ii ea Da'ooifaca which she submitted to Lewis to sign, but he held It up while he established himself on the tract by erecting a lit A Mild Laxative Ask your doctor to name some of the results of constipation. His long list will begin with sick-headache, biliousness, dyspepsia, thin blood, bad skin.

Then ask him If he would recommend your osing Ayer's Pills for constipation. One piil at bedtime, a few times. tle shack office. That done he Sent a contract of his devising to Mrs. Nourse 1 1 to sign, retaining the one she had drafted snd saying nothing about It.

But the two contracts were dissimilar In the terms, and Mrs. Nourse refused died from Inanition. Such nominal city officials as there were have mostly died. It was a trying position to till, for the burden of having nothing to do and not receiving any pay for doing It bore heavily upon ths. officeholder's mind.

It didn't seem in the eternal fitness of things that a city official should work for no pay. Since those old days things have changed and again Compton got the incorporation fever. A year ago the citizens desired to Incorporate, but were advised that the old Incorporation proceedings had com' Heated the situation. The lawyers found that, there was an incorporation the old elghty-aere tract but It had relapsed into acreage and a new town had snrung Into existence about the middle of the first incorporation as It stood before the slicing process began. Attorneys Emmett Wilson and E.

T. Phoi-er studied the situation and P.Ied with the Governor a petition, slgnel by 75 per cent, of the electors of what claimed to he the old orlrlnnl Incorporation, asking that he aptmlnt three persons ss a Board of Flection to call ar.4 hold an election. Gov. Pardee referred the matter to the Attomfv-Generat, end he advised that the petition he tinted Inasmuch ss t'i apparently might Hffeei in txMW wy v-jte-I and without a court 1 i 44 COM MINGS DIVORCE. May H.

Commlngs obtained a decree divorcing her from Everett S. Cummtngs Tuesday. The parties married in May, 1SS0, in Wisconsin, but fix years ago the husband left his wife and two boys. ADULTERY CHARGED. Roscoe H.

Folsom of San Gabriel, has been divorced from Florence It. Folsom, on the ground of adultery. The marriage iook place In Missouri on November 12. there beinsr three children of to sign the one drawn by Lewis and SEVEN FLAVORS Golden Gate Japan Golden Gate English Breakfast Golden Gate Ceylon Golden Gate Oolong Golden Gate Fancy Blend Golden Gate Gunpowder Golden Gate Black and Green when he refused to si.fn the one she had drawn he was given three days i. At? We ynMtsh th foraalM of our pr Lav.

within which to remove his brand new real estate tract off the place. But possession is (sometimes) nine points of the law and Lewis stood pat On the fourth dav two hurr.y labor the marriage. Mr. Folnom's name was associated with that of John Heflln. i i -1.

ers hired by telephone from an pioyment bureau loomed up and short work of Lewis' ofiee. As the fecifd FUvvr-Tifit Cart cm BIT HIS EAR. Ilirrv Whitfield, a He Handle tiacket-Csrhsrt Fine Clothing eun went tii a pile of broken and mm J. A. Fclgcr 6: i man was guilty before JuiVe of 1 the ear of FHti The men bewrn niui nni a Jtny.

wvImti in bit- nn Ju'y i I in i t. 1'' 1 A ic a waur Uk-n i r- J-'f ji''t Vw th- i i i'v- i by- H'i'i on the Ptreet. find 'rs. fcva Noursj wss train agent fur I tnn-t. Then Lewis b- tn nnr 1 4.

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