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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 8 Fart ll-SUht. ll-SUht. ll-SUht. JAR 5. VS8...
8 Fart ll-SUht. ll-SUht. ll-SUht. JAR 5. VS8 lag gngtlf Clmrt CHESS BY ISAAC KASHDAN IMTRMATIOMAL MNOMASTf Mdnat hMn Caaa Mm, LA. risas 4m Aasslia it. CmlU. FISCHER SETS PACE IN VS. CHA3IPI0NSHIP The oldest and the youngest of the 14 contestant are set ting the pace in the tournament for the United blates cness championship, being played at the Manhattan and Marshall Chess Clubs in New York. Leader after nine rounds Is 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old Bobby Fischer, with a score of 7V4-1V4. 7V4-1V4. 7V4-1V4. The Brooklyn Brooklyn schoolboy . has won six games and drawn three against Samuel Reshevsky, Herbert Seidman and Hans Berliner. Fischer, who last summer won the open championship of the UJs. Chess federation, is play-Ing play-Ing play-Ing steady and frequently bril liant chess, with mature skill in every department of the game. Reshevsky, 46-year-old 46-year-old 46-year-old 46-year-old 46-year-old grandmaster, grandmaster, has a 6-1 6-1 6-1 score, having drawn with Sidney Bernstein as well as Fischer. He has a pawn advantage in an adjourned adjourned game against Berliner and is still to play his 'first-round 'first-round 'first-round game with Atilio DiCa-millo DiCa-millo DiCa-millo of Philadelphia, who entered entered the tournament late as a replacement for Larry Evans. Third ana fourth place are Bhared by William Lombardy and James T. Sherwin, with to tals or 5V2-ZV4. 5V2-ZV4. 5V2-ZV4. Each has an un finished game, Lombardy against Arnold S. Denker and Sherwin against Arthur Feuer stein. . The biggest disappointment of the tournament to date is , Defending Champion Arthur S, Bisguier, who is down in the second division at 3-5. 3-5. 3-5. He has lost no less than four games to Fischer, Reshevsky, Denker and fceidman. Denker. also former U.S. champion, is about as Dacuy off with 2V4-3V4 2V4-3V4 2V4-3V4 and three adjourned games. Following are last week's re sults ana garnet from the tournament: tournament: , ROUND SIX Turnir 0. JlMhev. ky 1; Bernstein 1. Seidman 0: Bisguier 1; Feuerttein 0: Berliner Kiscner. u; sherwin 1. Den Mednls H; Lombardy, Jij Kramer ROUND SEVEN Lombardy 1, Turner 0; Fischer 1, Sherwin 0; xeuermein i, oemner u; Beiaman 1, Bisguier 0; Reshevsky , Bernstein i: DICamllla vs. Mednls and Den ver vs. Kramer, adjourned. ROUND EIGHT Turner Bern-Stein Bern-Stein Bern-Stein Biseuier 0. Reshevsky 1; Kramer 0, Flw her 1; Lombardy 1, DICamllla 0: Berliner vs. Seidman. Sherwin vs. Feuerstein and Mednls vs. isenxer, adjourned. ROUND NINE Fischer 1. Mednls v; feuerstein Kramer y: Seld man , Sherwin M: DiCamillo vs, Turner, Denker vs. Lombardy, Re- Re- snevsKy vs. Berliner and Bernstein vs. Bisguier, aajouraed. STANDING AFTER NINI ROUNDS im. f ma TIMES PROBLEM tr 1 D. H. SJallybras LACK I feij f i r-i r-i r-i t'-u t'-u t'-u S3 ' S Wl m m & s e . WHITE S White mailt in three. Both of today's problems were first Dublished In the English maga zine Chess, which has a fine problem problem section edited by C S. Kipping. Long-range Long-range Long-range play by th White Queen is featured In both. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 221: P-NS P-NS P-NS SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 222: Q-RS Q-RS Q-RS If K-N4, K-N4, K-N4, 2 Q-Kich; Q-Kich; Q-Kich; if K-N2, K-N2, K-N2, 2 OxOch; If N-Kt, N-Kt, N-Kt, 2 O-Klch; O-Klch; O-Klch; If N-B4, N-B4, N-B4, i N-9cn. N-9cn. N-9cn. SOLVERS' LIST Tlvit Bolnta J. C. Bearer. H. Bingham, E. Carter, H. D. Duck-wall Duck-wall Duck-wall W. H. Griffith. W. W. Irwin, E. O. Jones. J. Kaufman, H J. Mc- Mc- Blilne jr.. w. s. Moore. M. Aioms, p. v. Nielsen. K. 8. Mortn Jr.. il Panter. M Rosen. N. P. Rosenthal L. A. Victor. 0. Wiseman. Two iAfnfx-- iAfnfx-- iAfnfx-- j. Hnsnnan. h. j. uraw- uraw- ord. C. D. Frierson. J. H. Moshier, H. W. H. v.d. Steen Jr. W L W L Fischer 7Vi VA Blssdfer 3 "5 Reshevsky a 1 Feuerstein 3 S Lombardy S'i Ti Berliner Wi 3'i Sherwin SVi IVi Denker Tt 3Vs Bernstein 4 3 Turner lVs Vj Mednls 3 Kramer 1 a Seidman Vft DICamllla "t J'i FRENCH DEFENSE , ' Fischer Bisguier Fischer Blsgulir White Black White . Black 1- 1- P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 2J-P-B4 2J-P-B4 2J-P-B4 2J-P-B4 2J-P-B4 . . RxR 2- 2- P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q( P-Q( P-Q( J3-QXR J3-QXR J3-QXR R-R R-R R-R 3- 3- N-QB3 N-QB3 N-QB3 B-N5 B-N5 B-N5 24-Q-N3 24-Q-N3 24-Q-N3 24-Q-N3 24-Q-N3 N-K2 N-K2 N-K2 4- 4- P-K5 P-K5 P-K5 P-QN3 P-QN3 P-QN3 25-N-B3 25-N-B3 25-N-B3 25-N-B3 25-N-B3 Q-B4 Q-B4 Q-B4 5- 5- P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 BxNch 26 Q-N4 Q-N4 Q-N4 N-B N-B N-B 4"5X.B. Q-J Q-J Q-J 27-N-R4 27-N-R4 27-N-R4 27-N-R4 27-N-R4 P-B6 P-B6 P-B6 7- 7- 0-N4 0-N4 0-N4 P-KB4 P-KB4 P-KB4 2-N-B5ch 2-N-B5ch 2-N-B5ch 2-N-B5ch 2-N-B5ch K-N K-N K-N 8- 8- Q-N3 Q-N3 Q-N3 B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 2-N-Q7cll 2-N-Q7cll 2-N-Q7cll 2-N-Q7cll 2-N-Q7cll K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 !-BxB. !-BxB. !-BxB. .NxB 3(-N3 3(-N3 3(-N3 Q-N5 Q-N5 Q-N5 J0-N-K2 J0-N-K2 J0-N-K2 J0-N-K2 J0-N-K2 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 31-N-B5CH 31-N-B5CH 31-N-B5CH 31-N-B5CH 31-N-B5CH K-N K-N K-N H-P-QR4 H-P-QR4 H-P-QR4 H-P-QR4 H-P-QR4 . K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 32-P-N3 32-P-N3 32-P-N3 32-P-N3 32-P-N3 ' OxQP 12- 12- 22-. 22-. 22-. 0 BJ 33-B-K3 33-B-K3 33-B-K3 33-B-K3 33-B-K3 Q-R8 Q-R8 Q-R8 13- 13- P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 - N-K2 N-K2 N-K2 34-R-N 34-R-N 34-R-N 34-R-N 34-R-N R-R6 R-R6 R-R6 PxP 35-N-Q7CH 35-N-Q7CH 35-N-Q7CH 35-N-Q7CH 35-N-Q7CH K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 15- 15- Q-QB1 Q-QB1 Q-QB1 N-Q4 N-Q4 N-Q4 34-Q 34-Q 34-Q O 0-R7 0-R7 0-R7 16- 16- QxP R-R R-R R-R 37-NxP 37-NxP 37-NxP WxN 17- 17- B-02 B-02 B-02 P BS 38-RxNdl 38-RxNdl 38-RxNdl K B 1S-R-R3 1S-R-R3 1S-R-R3 1S-R-R3 1S-R-R3 P-KN4 P-KN4 P-KN4 3-0xP 3-0xP 3-0xP . QxQBP 1!-E-R,S 1!-E-R,S 1!-E-R,S 1!-E-R,S 1!-E-R,S P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 0-Q-Bcll 0-Q-Bcll 0-Q-Bcll 0-Q-Bcll 0-Q-Bcll K-Q2 K-Q2 K-Q2 2?-PP 2?-PP 2?-PP -PP -PP 41-OxR 41-OxR 41-OxR Resigns 2I-Q-N3 2I-Q-N3 2I-Q-N3 2I-Q-N3 2I-Q-N3 0N-B2 0N-B2 0N-B2 KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE Turner Reshevsky Turner Reshevsky White Black White Black t-P-04 t-P-04 t-P-04 t-P-04 t-P-04 N-KB3 N-KB3 N-KB3 20-B-O1 20-B-O1 20-B-O1 20-B-O1 20-B-O1 N-Q2 N-Q2 N-Q2 2- 2- P-OB4 P-OB4 P-OB4 P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 21-Q-O 21-Q-O 21-Q-O 21-Q-O 21-Q-O N-N3 N-N3 N-N3 3- 3- P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 22-P-K4 22-P-K4 22-P-K4 22-P-K4 22-P-K4 B-N3 B-N3 B-N3 . 4-B-N2 4-B-N2 4-B-N2 4-B-N2 4-B-N2 0-0 0-0 0-0 23-P-KN4 23-P-KN4 23-P-KN4 23-P-KN4 23-P-KN4 N-B5 N-B5 N-B5 ' 5-N-QBS 5-N-QBS 5-N-QBS 5-N-QBS 5-N-QBS P-03 P-03 P-03 24-Q-B2 24-Q-B2 24-Q-B2 24-Q-B2 24-Q-B2 NxB 4- 4- N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 25-QxN 25-QxN 25-QxN BxN 7-P-05 7-P-05 7-P-05 7-P-05 7-P-05 N-QR4 N-QR4 N-QR4 2e-QxB 2e-QxB 2e-QxB BxP 5- 5- KN-Q2 KN-Q2 KN-Q2 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 27-BxB 27-BxB 27-BxB RxB V-0-0 V-0-0 V-0-0 V-0-0 V-0-0 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 28-RxR 28-RxR 28-RxR RxR 10-Q-B2 10-Q-B2 10-Q-B2 10-Q-B2 10-Q-B2 PxP 29-R-Q 29-R-Q 29-R-Q 29-R-Q 29-R-Q Q-K2 Q-K2 Q-K2 ,11-PxP ,11-PxP ,11-PxP R K 30-Q-R5 30-Q-R5 30-Q-R5 30-Q-R5 30-Q-R5 R-K7 R-K7 R-K7 12-N-N1 12-N-N1 12-N-N1 12-N-N1 12-N-N1 NxN 31-Q-B3 31-Q-B3 31-Q-B3 31-Q-B3 31-Q-B3 0-K4 0-K4 0-K4 . 13-QxN 13-QxN 13-QxN P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 32-Q 32-Q 32-Q R5 Q-B5 Q-B5 Q-B5 14-B-N5 14-B-N5 14-B-N5 14-B-N5 14-B-N5 P-R3 P-R3 P-R3 33-R-KB 33-R-KB 33-R-KB 33-R-KB 33-R-KB RxNP -15-B -15-B -15-B -15-B B4 P-QN4 P-QN4 P-QN4 34-QxRP 34-QxRP 34-QxRP R-N6 R-N6 R-N6 16- 16- KR-K KR-K KR-K R-R2 R-R2 R-R2 35-R-K 35-R-K 35-R-K 35-R-K 35-R-K Rx""" 17- 17- P-KR3 P-KR3 P-KR3 P-N4 P-N4 P-N4 36-Q-B8ch 36-Q-B8ch 36-Q-B8ch 36-Q-B8ch 36-Q-B8ch K-N3 K-N3 K-N3 1S-B-QB 1S-B-QB 1S-B-QB 1S-B-QB 1S-B-QB QR-K2 QR-K2 QR-K2 37-Q-Q 37-Q-Q 37-Q-Q 37-Q-Q 37-Q-Q u-o u-o u-o 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 Resigns RETI OPENING ! lombardy Kramer Lombardy Kramer White Black White Black 1- 1- N-KB1 N-KB1 N-KB1 P-04 P-04 P-04 13-R-K 13-R-K 13-R-K 13-R-K 13-R-K B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 2- 2- P-KNJ P-KNJ P-KNJ P-OB4 P-OB4 P-OB4 14-B-K 14-B-K 14-B-K 14-B-K 14-B-K BxB . 2-B-N1 2-B-N1 2-B-N1 2-B-N1 2-B-N1 N-QB3 N-QB3 N-QB3 15-RxB 15-RxB 15-RxB OR-Q OR-Q OR-Q 4-P-04 4-P-04 4-P-04 4-P-04 4-P-04 PxP 16-0-N3 16-0-N3 16-0-N3 16-0-N3 16-0-N3 PxP S-NXP S-NXP S-NXP N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 17-NxP 17-NxP 17-NxP NxN 4- 4- P-OB4 P-OB4 P-OB4 - 0-N3 0-N3 0-N3 18-BxN 18-BxN 18-BxN Q-KB3 Q-KB3 Q-KB3 7-NxN 7-NxN 7-NxN PxN 19-QR-K 19-QR-K 19-QR-K 19-QR-K 19-QR-K R-02 R-02 R-02 5- 5- N-Bl N-Bl N-Bl P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 20-Q-R3 20-Q-R3 20-Q-R3 20-Q-R3 20-Q-R3 C-Q3 C-Q3 C-Q3 - -0-0 -0-0 -0-0 -0-0 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 21-B-B6I 21-B-B6I 21-B-B6I 21-B-B6I 21-B-B6I BB 10-PxP 10-PxP 10-PxP BPxP 22-BxR 22-BxR 22-BxR OxB il-P-K4 il-P-K4 il-P-K4 il-P-K4 il-P-K4 0-0 0-0 0-0 23-R-03 23-R-03 23-R-03 23-R-03 23-R-03 0-B2 0-B2 0-B2 12-PxP 12-PxP 12-PxP B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 24-Q-Q4 24-Q-Q4 24-Q-Q4 24-Q-Q4 24-Q-Q4 Resigns RUY LOPEZ Madnls Turner Mednls Turner .White Black White Black 1- 1- P-M P-M P-M P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 25-P-KR4 25-P-KR4 25-P-KR4 25-P-KR4 25-P-KR4 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 2- 2- N-KBt N-KBt N-KBt N-OB3 N-OB3 N-OB3 24-N-B3 24-N-B3 24-N-B3 24-N-B3 24-N-B3 P-QN4 P-QN4 P-QN4 ; 3-B-NS 3-B-NS 3-B-NS 3-B-NS 3-B-NS P-OR3 P-OR3 P-OR3 27-P-RJ 27-P-RJ 27-P-RJ 27-P-RJ 27-P-RJ R-Q4 R-Q4 R-Q4 4- 4- B-R4 B-R4 B-R4 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 23-R-K 23-R-K 23-R-K 23-R-K 23-R-K K-R K-R K-R 5- 5- P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 PxP -R-K4 -R-K4 -R-K4 -R-K4 B-K B-K B-K 4- 4- P-KS P-KS P-KS N-KS N-KS N-KS 30-R-B4 30-R-B4 30-R-B4 30-R-B4 30-R-B4 RxR 7-0-0 7-0-0 7-0-0 7-0-0 7-0-0 . N-B4 N-B4 N-B4 31-QxR 31-QxR 31-QxR K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 5- 5- B-KNS B-KNS B-KNS B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 32-P-R6d 32-P-R6d 32-P-R6d 32-P-R6d 32-P-R6d K-N K-N K-N -BxB -BxB OxB 33-N-NS 33-N-NS 33-N-NS 33-N-NS 33-N-NS RxR 10- 10- BxN OPxB 34-PxR 34-PxR 34-PxR Q-Q2 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 11- 11- OxP B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 35-K-R2 35-K-R2 35-K-R2 35-K-R2 35-K-R2 0-Q8 0-Q8 0-Q8 32- 32- N-RJ N-RJ N-RJ 0-0 0-0 0-0 36-N-B3 36-N-B3 36-N-B3 36-N-B3 36-N-B3 C-Q4 C-Q4 C-Q4 33- 33- KR-K KR-K KR-K N-K3 N-K3 N-K3 3 7-0-B 7-0-B 7-0-B 7-0-B 7-0-B 6 Q-02 Q-02 Q-02 14- 14- 0-KR4 0-KR4 0-KR4 Q-B4 Q-B4 Q-B4 38-N-NJ 38-N-NJ 38-N-NJ 38-N-NJ 38-N-NJ P-R4 P-R4 P-R4 15- 15- P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 OR-Q OR-Q OR-Q 39-NxKP 39-NxKP 39-NxKP 0 KB2 H-N H-N H-N B4 B-N3 B-N3 B-N3 40-P-KN4 40-P-KN4 40-P-KN4 40-P-KN4 40-P-KN4 P-NS P-NS P-NS 17-QN-Q1 17-QN-Q1 17-QN-Q1 17-QN-Q1 17-QN-Q1 Q-N4 Q-N4 Q-N4 41-QxQdl 41-QxQdl 41-QxQdl KxQ . 18-N-N3 18-N-N3 18-N-N3 18-N-N3 18-N-N3 P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 42-NxP 42-NxP 42-NxP P-R5 P-R5 P-R5 19- 19- N-NS N-NS N-NS P-B5 P-B5 P-B5 43-P-RJ 43-P-RJ 43-P-RJ 43-P-RJ 43-P-RJ PxRP 20- 20- NxN KPBxN 44-PxP 44-PxP 44-PxP K-K2 K-K2 K-K2 21- 21- N-Q4 N-Q4 N-Q4 Q-K Q-K Q-K 45-K-NJ 45-K-NJ 45-K-NJ 45-K-NJ 45-K-NJ B-B3 B-B3 B-B3 22- 22- 0-N4 0-N4 0-N4 B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 -K-B4 -K-B4 -K-B4 -K-B4 K-Q K-Q K-Q 32-R-K3 32-R-K3 32-R-K3 32-R-K3 32-R-K3 Q-i2 Q-i2 Q-i2 47-P-N3 47-P-N3 47-P-N3 47-P-N3 47-P-N3 Resigns S4-R-N3 S4-R-N3 S4-R-N3 S4-R-N3 S4-R-N3 P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 Wednesday, Jan. 15. The charge for playine will be $1.00 and admission for spectators will ba 50 cnts. HASTINGS ENTRIES The annual chess congress at Hastings, Eng., has attracted an unusually strong contingent in the masters' section. Paul Keres of Russia, Svetozar Gli goric of Yugoslavia, Nicholas Rossolimo of France and Dr Miroslav Filip of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia loom as the most likely to capture the top honors. Others in the tournament are Max Blau of Switzerland, O Kluger of Hungary, Olof Ster ner of Sweden ana P. ti Clarke, Dr. S. Fazekas and Jon athan Penrose of England. The major reserves section also will hold considerable in ternational interest, with, six countries represented -in -in the list of 10 players. Among the entries is Mark d'Eucher of the United - States, a student , in Paris. Keres did noi fare very well in a recent match between teams from Estonia and Hun gary at Tallin. Keres lost twice to Gideon Barcza of Hungary, One of the games follows: KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE Barcza White 1- 1- N-KBJ N-KBJ N-KBJ 2- 2- P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 3- 3- B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 4- 4- P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 5- 5- 0-0 0-0 0-0 4-P-B4 4-P-B4 4-P-B4 4-P-B4 4-P-B4 7- 7- N-R3 N-R3 N-R3 8- 8- NxP -P-N3 -P-N3 -P-N3 -P-N3 10-B-N2 10-B-N2 10-B-N2 10-B-N2 10-B-N2 U-R-B U-R-B U-R-B U-R-B U-R-B 12- 12- P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 13- 13- P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 14- 14- Q-B2 Q-B2 Q-B2 15- 15- KR-K KR-K KR-K lt-KR-Q lt-KR-Q lt-KR-Q lt-KR-Q lt-KR-Q 17- 17- N-K N-K N-K 18- 18- BxB 19- 19- P-QN4 P-QN4 P-QN4 20- 20- N-K5 N-K5 N-K5 21- 21- NID-Q3 NID-Q3 NID-Q3 Keres Black P-04 P-04 P-04 P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 N-KB3 N-KB3 N-KB3 0-0 0-0 0-0 PxP N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 B-K B-K B-K 3 F-QR4 F-QR4 F-QR4 B-Q4 B-Q4 B-Q4 0-B 0-B 0-B R-Q R-Q R-Q 0-K3 0-K3 0-K3 P-R1 P-R1 P-R1 N-KS N-KS N-KS N 03 P-RS P-RS P-RS QxB N-R2 N-R2 N-R2 QN-N4 QN-N4 QN-N4 QKS Bercza White 22- 22- O-Kl O-Kl O-Kl 23- 23- N-BJ N-BJ N-BJ 24- 24- P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 25- 25- N(B)-QI N(B)-QI N(B)-QI 24-P-B4 24-P-B4 24-P-B4 24-P-B4 24-P-B4 27- 27- P-Q5 P-Q5 P-Q5 28- 28- BPxP 29- 29- R-B R-B R-B 30- 30- PxP 31- 31- NxPI 32- 32- RxN 33- 33- R-Bch R-Bch R-Bch 34- 34- BxB 35- 35- B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 J4-Q-N4 J4-Q-N4 J4-Q-N4 J4-Q-N4 J4-Q-N4 37-N-KS 37-N-KS 37-N-KS 37-N-KS 37-N-KS 38-BxR 38-BxR 38-BxR 3?-Q-B8CII 3?-Q-B8CII 3?-Q-B8CII 3?-Q-B8CII 3?-Q-B8CII 40- 40- R-B7CH R-B7CH R-B7CH 41- 41- Q-N8ch Q-N8ch Q-N8ch Keres B ack Q B4 R-R2 R-R2 R-R2 Q-R6 Q-R6 Q-R6 P-N4 P-N4 P-N4 0-8 0-8 0-8 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 RPXP PxP 0-R6 0-R6 0-R6 NxN KxR K-N K-N K-N B-Q2 B-Q2 B-Q2 O-K O-K O-K RxP RxN OxB K-R2 K-R2 K-R2 K-N3 K-N3 K-N3 Resigns LEAGUE MEETS THURSDAY The Southern California Chess League will meet at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Herman Steiner Chess Club, 108 N Formosa Formosa Ave. Officers will be elect ed for the 1958 season and plans will be formulated for interclub matches. All clubs n terested are urged to attend. WAOININOtN 20NAL TOURNIY NIMZ0-IN0IAN NIMZ0-IN0IAN NIMZ0-IN0IAN DEFENSE Stabe Trelaneseu MASTERS IN SAN DIEGO Larry Evans, who has been -making -making his home in Compton, invited Bent Larsen of Den-. Den-. Den-. mark and Paul Benko, erstwhile erstwhile of Hungary, to accompany accompany him to Los Angeles on the conclusion of the Dallas tournament The trio have bjeen enjoying the sights and investigating the prospects for . chess exhibitions in this area. Their first public appearance will De in ban Diego next Sun-:day Sun-:day Sun-:day afternoon. Larsen and Benko will contest an exhibi tion game at 1176 Loring St., 'Pacific Beach, starting at 2:30 p.m. The time limit will be 30 . moves in 30 minutes. Evans will comment on the game wniie in progress. : . Following that the masters ..will take on all comers in fast .games, with a handicap in time. The entrance fee to the exhibition Is $1 a person. Th event is Deing staged Dy a newly formed organization, vness, inc.. or Han Diego, . On Sunday afternoon, Jan 19, Larsen and Benko are plan- plan- - ning a tandem simultaneous exniDltion m Los Angeles. The - exact site has not been deter-mined. deter-mined. deter-mined. LARSEN AT CITY TERRACE Bent Larsen, Denmark's youthful International grandmaster, grandmaster, will play against all comers In an exhibition at the City Terrace Chess Club, 3875 City Terrace Drive, at 8 p.m.1 Szetw Hungary White 1- 1- P-04 P-04 P-04 2- 2- P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 3- 3- N-QB3 N-QB3 N-QB3 4- 4- P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 5- 5- KN-K2 KN-K2 KN-K2 6- 6- P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 7- 7- N-B4 N-B4 N-B4 8- 8- P-QN3 P-QN3 P-QN3 9.Q.R1 10-P-KN4 10-P-KN4 10-P-KN4 10-P-KN4 10-P-KN4 1 l-P-NS l-P-NS l-P-NS l-P-NS l-P-NS 12- 12- PxP 13- 13- PxKP 14- 14- PxN 15- 15- R-KN R-KN R-KN 16-B-N2 16-B-N2 16-B-N2 16-B-N2 16-B-N2 1 7- 7- 0-00 0-00 0-00 18- 18- K-N K-N K-N White Olafsson, Iceland I-P-QB4 I-P-QB4 I-P-QB4 I-P-QB4 I-P-QB4 3-N-QB3 3-N-QB3 3-N-QB3 3-N-QB3 3-N-QB3 3- 3- P-KN3 P-KN3 P-KN3 4- 4- PxP 5- 5- B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 4-N-B3 4-N-B3 4-N-B3 4-N-B3 4-N-B3 7- 7- 0-0 0-0 0-0 8- 8- P-ON4 P-ON4 P-ON4 9- 9- B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 I0.N-K4 I0.N-K4 I0.N-K4 U-P-QR3 U-P-QR3 U-P-QR3 U-P-QR3 U-P-QR3 12 Q-B2 Q-B2 Q-B2 Trolanescui Rumania Black N-KB3 N-KB3 N-KB3 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 B-NS B-NS B-NS P-QN3 P-QN3 P-QN3 B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 0-0 0-0 0-0 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 BxB B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 QxP N-Q3 N-Q3 N-Q3 ORB B-N2 B-N2 B-N2 P-OB4 P-OB4 P-OB4 ENGLISH OPENING Hungary wniie 1-P-QS 1-P-QS 1-P-QS 1-P-QS 1-P-QS 20- 20- P-N4 P-N4 P-N4 21- 21- N-R5 N-R5 N-R5 22- 22- N-Bch N-Bch N-Bch 23- 23- PxB 24- 24- PxP 25- 25- P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 26- 26- P-R4 P-R4 P-R4 27- 27- P-R5 P-R5 P-R5 28- 28- QxN 29- 29- OR-K OR-K OR-K 30- 30- PxP 31- 31- P-B7 P-B7 P-B7 32- 32- R-N3 R-N3 R-N3 33- 33- R-B3 R-B3 R-B3 34-QxP 34-QxP 34-QxP 33-P-Q4 33-P-Q4 33-P-Q4 33-P-Q4 33-P-Q4 Rumania d ack P-B5 P-B5 P-B5 P-OR4 P-OR4 P-OR4 PxP BxN P-N3 P-N3 P-N3 R-R R-R R-R KR-Q KR-Q KR-Q N-N4 N-N4 N-N4 NxNch 8:g BPxP OxBP K-K K-K K-K Q-K Q-K Q-K 2 . Q-Q2 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 Resigns Black uckste In, Austria P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 N-KB3 N-KB3 N-KB3 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 NXP N-K2 N-K2 N-K2 CN-B3 CN-B3 CN-B3 N-B4 N-B4 N-B4 P-OR3 P-OR3 P-OR3 B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 0-Q2 0-Q2 0-Q2 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 White Olafsson, iceiana 13- 13- KR-B KR-B KR-B 14- 14- BxN 15- 15- 0-N2 0-N2 0-N2 14-P-K3 14-P-K3 14-P-K3 14-P-K3 14-P-K3 17-OR-N 17-OR-N 17-OR-N 17-OR-N 17-OR-N 18- 18- N-BS N-BS N-BS 19- 19- PxB 20- 20- N-O4 N-O4 N-O4 21- 21- Q-N4 Q-N4 Q-N4 22- 22- B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 23- 23- BxQ 24- 24- BxP Black Ducksteln, Austr a KN-QS KN-QS KN-QS PXH - P-Qe P-Qe P-Qe K-N K-N K-N N-R2 N-R2 N-R2 BxN P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 K-R K-R K-R N-B N-B N-B NxQ Resigns ATTENTION CHESS LOVERS 30-30 30-30 30-30 EXHIBITION GAME BETWEEN GRANDMASTER BENT LARSEN V of Denmark and International Master PAUL BENKO if Hungary. Commentation BY GRANDMASTER LARRY EVANS Masters will play individual 5-10 5-10 5-10 minute games with amateurs. Winning Winning amateurs receive autographed copy of Larry Evans' book, "Trophy uness. Retlttratlei Fm tlM Entry Fni Mo per MO gani WIVES AND CHILDREN ADMITTED FREE Sun.. Jan. 12. 2:30 urn -7 -7 nm 1 176 taring St., Pacific Beach . . . IN SAN DIEGO Spirtaon Cktu Im, Sii Ditto of e

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 05 Jan 1958, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 70

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